Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Time Heiress

The Time Heiress
by Georgina Young-Ellis
Brace yourself for another trip back in time. I was stunned by my journey into Jane Austen’s England in Young-Ellis amazing novel, The Time Baroness. On this second adventure Dr. Cassandra Reilly agrees to return through the portal to the days preceding the Civil War. The Underground Railroad was a time of heroes and human traffickers. Young-Ellis sets her readers in the middle of the action and does not let up. The sights, sounds, and even the emotions of the time surround and engulf us. This is a book you will not easily forget. The Time Heiress is a way of looking back at how far we’ve come and how we traveled a portion of that dangerous journey. Highly Recommended.

Georgina Young-Ellis is the best selling author of The Time Baroness. Dr. Cassandra Reilly's first adventure in time travel. This highly acclaimed novel sets the reader in Regency England.