Monday, October 18, 2010

DRACULAS would give Quentin Tarantino the vapors!

By Blake Crouch, Joe Konrath, F. Paul Wilson, Jeff Strand

Spawned by an ancient virus, their talons click on the linoleum of the Blessed Crucifixion Hospital as they work their bloody way from the maternity ward to pediatrics. Layer on layer of terror accompanied by that creepy clicking sound. I couldn't put the book down long enough to get a second bowl of buttered popcorn. This is the real deal. How vampires should behave. No suave George Hamilton vamps, no gentle Edward Cullen, these creatures know how to get under your skin and stay there. Carnage and heroism from multiple points of view take place in the most vulnerable spot on earth - a hospital.

Congrats to Blake, Joe, Paul, and Jeff. DRACULAS  is an engrossing, satisfying, wet-horror read. I loved it. Now if I could just bring myself to turn out the lights.

P.S. I've always enjoyed the brotherhood of horror writers. They are some of the nicest people on earth - generous with advice and encouragement. Maybe they're so kind because they exorcise all their demons on the printed page. This team of authors should be gentle as kittens... now.

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  1. >Maybe they're so kind because they exorcise all their demons on the printed page.<

    Hmmm. If the reverse is also true, perhaps we should be keeping a weather eye on those who write kinder, gentler novels. ;)

    DRACULAS sounds like a great read!

  2. my husband grew up on horror...not me. My children love it...I'm getting there. DRACULA sounds like a good start! :) Great you on my Bookmark. jink willis