Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Latest in Hostess Gifts

Today Linda Prather posted her interview of me. She asked some tough questions. I revealed too much.
But as a hostess gift, she gave me a middle initial. It's an "E."  This might become fashionable... giving middle initials as thank-you presents for interviews. I wonder what it stands for?

Linda Prather interviews Barbara Silkstone

Hmn... wonder why she did it?


  1. You're funny, Barbara. By the way, great interview over at Linda's. And congrats on that new initial.

  2. As someone who always reveals too much, I urge you to keep revealing.
    We forget how therapeutic it is for the audience. I am a fellow survivor of a convent boarding school (I had the Palatine order, Germans). I read the interview avidly and not only because it mentioned me. Well, maybe because it mentioned me.

    with admiration, Consuelo

  3. Consuelo, Thank you. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it here (too busy to look it up right now) but one of the celebrities I interviewed was taught by an order of German nuns in Hungary. It was in an old castle. If the students were real good occasionally they were given a coin. The nuns would then march them down to the cellar. There ... the prior owners of the castle had their dead infant placed in a glass coffin. The students could insert their coin in a slot and illuminate the mummified baby for a few seconds.

    You can't make up stuff like that.

    He grew up to be a horror writer and then a major film director.