Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Horror in Pink - Honorary Award- pic

Many of you have asked for photos of me on that night in question when I was attacked by female horror writers for the crime of wearing pink to a horror writers' conference. Below is a photo of the culprits as I tracked them down and re-gifted them with the crumpled tiara and home made trophy. However, I retained my honorary title of "B--ch" of the convention as I'd attracted too much male attention by being in pink.


  1. You look mighty girlie. No wonder you attracted male attention. You also look a mite pissed off. That also attracts men. Witness all of the expressions on professional models.

  2. Consuelo... Neither one of the women in the picture are me. :) What happened was after they inflicted the award and tiara on me.... after I got over being stunned....I tracked them down with my camera and re-gifted it to them. I plopped the tiara on one horror fan's head and took the picture.