Monday, July 4, 2011

Coming August 2011 on Kindle

Sneak Preview of Wendy & the Lost Boys

When a deathbed promise leaves Wendy trapped on a super-yacht with Ponzi-king,Charlie Hook, she's forced to join the pirate on a quest to recover his hidden treasure. Along for the adventure are SEC Investigator, Roger Jolley who kindles a spark in Wendy with his ‘Johnny Depp’ eyes, and Jaxbee a mysterious golden haired young woman. Milton the dog and Stillpork the pig add their passionate cross-species love affair to this tale of outrageous plot twists and over-the-top characters.

This is a modern morality tale that takes the reader on an action-filled ride with memorable characters and lots of laughs along the way. It’s Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone while still remaining faithful to the original Peter Pan and Wendy... Consuelo Saah Baehr


  1. Nice cover! Who did the artwork???

  2. Maria,
    The cover was done by the very talented Katerina Vamvasaki.

  3. Consuelo, Thank you! You're a doll. :)

  4. Fab cover! Love it! When does it hit Amazon then?

  5. JAC,
    It will be available starting the first week in August. Brace yourself. :)

  6. Can't believe you've actually done it! That's so funny and so exciting. Hope this isn't the nearest I ever get to having a novel in print but it's a good start!!!

  7. Jaxbee,
    Now that you're in print,
    the universe will take the hint.

    (Sounds like a fortune cookie)