Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Author Bumping with D.D. Scott

D.D. Does Duncan
Author Bumping with D. D. Scott 

Author Bumping is a talent I come by naturally. I have literally fallen into a full body bump with some pretty big name writers. These unplanned slams usually occur with hilarious results. That being said… I’ve decided to open the gates of Barb’s Wire and let other fledgling authors share their encounters with big name authors or celebrities.

First up from the Indie Authors scene is the sweetly modest and soft-spoken DeeDee Scott. I’ve invited her here today to… Omph! That hurt.

DD..:  Hmmmppphhh…”sweetly modest and soft-spoken”, my arss!  How many sweetly modest and soft-spoken chicks would agree to be buckled into this damn harness, and then, on command, jump-off a gigantic ladder?!

B… What the heck? Is that you up there, DeeDee?

DD…:  I thought you wanted me to re-live my Peter Pan’s Wendy glory days?!  That’s what you said...c’mon D. D., it will be fun.  Just put-on that harness one more time.  Yes, I know it hurts.  But think of all the fun you’ll have, provided your rigging peeps don’t once again slam you into a set-piece.  So yeah...once upon a time, I was Wendy in a huge stage production of Peter Pan.  Sorry about slamming into you, Barb. I thought you wanted a full body bump.  Here, let me help you up.  Yeah, watch out for my flying wire.  I wouldn’t want you to choke yourself on it.  That would be a real shame.

B… DeeDee! my foot’s caught in your harness. Gosh darn. Whoa... you’re pulling me up with you.

DD…:  Hell, I can’t believe you can still get your feet up that high!  Actually, I’m impressed.  But anyhoo…oh boy...shit...hang on tight, Girlfriend.  You’re about to see the world from my perspective.  Can u believe little Sandy Duncan flew in a harness just like this one?  ‘Course she was and I am actually in the damn harness.  I’m not sure how you’re gonna fair just hangin’ on to it!  Sucks to be you!  Kinda puts a new twist, though, on your WENDY AND THE LOST BOYS UpUGo, doesn’t it?!  Sorry…bad joke, given your current height from the ground and all.  And trust me, just like your Charlie Hook, I doubt an Ace bandage or duct tape are gonna save ya now!  Up…Up…Up we go!!!

B: My Wendy flies in a helicopter, but this isn’t bad. It’s sorta like a hot air balloon but painful … oops my butt is slipping. I’m falling!


B… *waves*  Off she goes like a rough diamond in the sky. “Bye, DeeDee! Thanks for stopping by to launch WENDY AND THE LOST BOYS.

This wasn’t exactly what I envisioned for my first Invitational Author Bumping.

D. D. Scott is a Bestselling Romantic Comedy and Comedic Caper, Humorous Mystery Author and a Writer’s Go-To-Gal for Muse Therapy,  plus the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL and the co-founder of The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, your destination site for Everything E-Publishing.  You can get all the scoop on her, her books, her Muse Therapy Online Classes and Live Workshops, plus juicy tidbits from her fabulous grog The Naked Hero at http://www.DDScott.com.

                                                 Ouch! My tushie!


  1. You ladies are having too much fun this early in the morning! :-) Dee Dee, I love your website - it's a great resource for authors. I send people there all of the time for information.

    Barbara, when is your next fractured fairy tale coming out???!!!

  2. I always wondered what DD looked like all the way down.

    Will you look at the size of those feet! No wonder she opts for the top-half only shots normally. :-)

  3. Ouch! That's what I call a real author bump!
    Bruises all!

  4. Mark, I never noticed her feet before. They are huge... Hmmm...

    Can't get in to post on my own blog.
    It's me, Barbara

  5. Prue, It still hurts. Next time I'll be careful how I phrase my requests for visting Author Bumpings.

    BTW...it's still me. Barbara... the woman who can't comment on her own blog. Hello Google are you listening?

  6. Don't fall, ladies. Up we go? Hey, have you read Wendy and the Lost Boys yet? A certain product called Up U Go brings laughs throughout the book. And, okay, I'd promised myself no more books for a while, but I couldn't resist Lip Glock. Fun title, fun cover, fun writer. I can't go wrong.

  7. U guys are all killin' me! Now stop it, or I'm gonna slam our super sweet Barbara right into that set piece.

    Crap...hang on, Barbara!!!

    We need some more Pixie Dust, Tink...yes...now would be nice!!! That damn pixie fairy has waaay too much 'tude.

  8. Cute regarding the Top Shelf and Big Feet issues, Mark! LOL!

    And thanks sooo much for the Lip Glock shout-out, L.C.!

    Oooo...Karen sooo glad you're luuuvvin' The WG2E!!! Nothin' beats writers helpin' writers find ways to treat our readers to great books for great prices!!!

    Y'all rock!!!

  9. Ohhhh...you weren't talkin' Top Shelf as in my kind of cocktails, Mark! LOL! Now I get it...you were referring to my head-shots!!!

    Tells ya where my head always is...

  10. I feel like a kid who threw a party and got locked out in the cold. Different computer... let's see if I can get in. I've heard of this happening to others. Wait DeeDee! I want to fly again. I'll hang on real tight. But first I have to get in....
    Just in case... It's me Barbara.

  11. Well, you know what they say about men and the size of their feet....Not sure what it means for us women, though.

    I just get a silly grin on my face anytime I see the word UpUGo....Can't help it. Glad DeeDee brought it up. No, no pun intended. LOL.

  12. Thank you Haylee and Linda for remembering UpUGo. Hook wishes he forgot it. It was sooo funny how that name came to me. Perfect for erectile dysfunction meds.
    Yup... it's me again. The phantom...Barbara

  13. Barbara, I think you should make sure you have all possible rights on UpUGo. Then you'll be a zillionaire when some pharmaceutical company asks for the rights for their new product.

  14. Haylee, Thanks. I am going to patent and copyright that name for all Erectile Dysfunction meds... just as soon as Dee Dee sets me back on the ground.

    FYI... It's me...the phantom blogger.

  15. Anyone who bumps into DeeDee Scott is one lucky human being.

  16. Awe shucks, PJ...thanks bunches and right backatchya!!!

  17. Cheers also goin' out to Haylee and Mesmered!!! Thanks bunches for your superfab shout-outs too!!!

    Damn, Barb! Quit movin' around so much...you think this wire is gonna hold us both for much longer?!

  18. Barbara, I gave up on blogger a long time ago. Posting comments is a nightmare most days on most blogger sites, and I hear the same from far too many people.

    Wordpress rules! Never had any major problems with wordpress.

  19. I have learned a secret that seems to help posting comments on Blogger...when you comment, choose your Google ID but when it says something like this ID is not set-up do you want to log-in using another ID, do that, using your same Google ID but "un-check" the "stay logged-in" option. Like magic, it seems to work that way!!!

  20. Let me see if the works DD. I actually set up 3 separate accounts on gmail. Got in each time once or twice and then got rejected. I may go Wordpress. This is loopy. From the bloggers commenting in forums some have been locked out of their blogs for 6 months.
    I want to come in and play.
    Trying DeeDee's method right now.

  21. You are sooo not gonna believe this...but I just went the normal route and the beast let me in. They must be afraid of the flying "D".

  22. Love the silliness, ladies. Here I thought we were going to get all serious and talk about bumping into J.D. Salinger or some high-fallutin' sort like that. Oh wait, is he dead? Doesn't matter in my time travel book, the main character has a near run-in with the great Jane Austen. We can bump into anybody with this time travel thing! Oh, I've gotten off topic. Anyway, fun post! And can I just mention how much I LOVED Wendy and the Lost Boys? Seriously.

  23. Georgina, No seriousness here. Although I must say after reading the Time Baroness I was seriously sure I had invaded Jane Austen's time and space.

    Wait! I did. I came back with a nice looking dude named Darcy. Hmn... might use that name in my next novel. :)

  24. Nothin' beats silly, Georgina! Cheers to that!!!

    And wow does Time Travel Bumping sound fabulous!!!

  25. This is too funny ladies! Having SO much fun sharing all of this with you! Thanks for the laughs from 2 fabulous authors!

  26. Now that's an intriguing handle... jaw. Hmmm...

    DeeDee, put me down now. It's been 24 hours. I gave to run to the loo. :)

  27. Thanks sooo very much, Jaw!

    And yeah...what a great handle! Sounds just like something that would be from my gene pool!!!

    What do you mean you've got to run to the loo, Barb?!

    Suck it up and put on your Depends, Girlfriend...there ain't no potty breaks while you're on your way to Never Never Land...never never...

    Cheers, Y'All! We're just about to land now.

    Thanks for flyin' with us and please return your seat and tables to their upright position and remain in your harness at all times...

    Oh, crap! There's that damn alligator again...I think I'll just "clock" him a good one...with my big foot!!!

  28. And for those of you who would like to know what it was really like for me to be flyin' in that harness...in 1985...here's the scoop on my grog The Naked Hero:


    Thanks sooo very much for flyin' with me, Y'all!!!