Sunday, January 19, 2014

Special Invite to Second Act Café

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I have just launched my new website that has nothing to do with books. The Second Act Café is a place for those lingering on either side of fifty. It’s about getting even by having fun.

Latest posts are a retro visit to:

I Love Lucy and the candy factory

Carol Burnett and Went with the Wind – the curtain rod dress


An interview from the Guy Whisperer

Insite into sibling ranking and how it affects marriage

Men and leg-bouncing

Beauty & the Beast - beauty tips

Adventure - Travel tips

Please pop over for a peek. Sign up for the private newsletter and receive a once-a-week feed on the latest laugh inducing, thought provoking, posts.  Whatever your life’s Second Act is… a new career, divorce, globe-trotting, or even a love affair, we’d love to have you join the Café.

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